About Us




bringing Life to your environment

We take pride in each and every project.


Our people are committed to treating  our customers like family...you will find us patient, friendly and results oriented.  

We know that to truly accomplish your dreams and goals we have to be great listeners...you can count on us to understand your needs.    

So, regardless of whether you are the big University of Illinois building a state-of-the-art facility or a Mom & Dad team redesigning the family kitchen, we are here for you!  

We're confident in our people and our work...we think you will be too.

our start


Bautista Electric started out as a husband and wife team in the Urbana-Champaign community. 

Gus and Sarah began their small electrical company with the dream of providing friendly, highly skilled electrical services to the families and companies of East Central Illinois.

Gus is an IBEW Union Electrician who loves his profession, his community and his family.  He enjoys reading electrical manuals like grandpa enjoys coffee and the morning paper.  

On the job site, you can always count on Gus to trouble-shoot problems that come up.  He is known for his amazing work-ethic, attention to detail, and upbeat can-do attitude.  At home, you will find Gus doting on his little girl, Evelyn Rose, and Sarah, his darling wife.  He likes making his girls laugh and preparing scrumptious meal on the grill, of course.  Prior to opening his own company, Gus worked for the University of Illinois and several electrical companies in the Urbana-Champaign community.

Sarah is a Master's trained Social Worker who loves helping families be the best they can be.  She enjoys taking care of her husband, her baby girl, Evelyn Rose, and Bautista Electric. Sarah is known for her always-positive attitude, a smile that lights up the room, and a willingness to help out even if it means climbing a scaffold two stories up in the air!  Prior to taking on administrative responsibility for Bautista Electric's day-to-day office functions, she was a supervisor for a social services agency in the community.